”I think therefore I am”

Shouldnt it be ”I know that I think therefore I am ” ?

"I think I know, therefore I might be"

"I might know that I’m thinking, therefore it’s possible I am"




Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Really Mean…


I knew it. All of it.
Maddie lies to me.






i find my cosmic insignificance reassuring

the stars don’t fucking care who i am or what i do

i owe the universe nothing

i exist on my own terms

#the galaxy dont care that u messed up the thing that one time

#when existentialism becomes comforting rather than horrifying

#When nihilism is a good thing

This is beautiful

we’re all in this (insignificance) together!


my anaconda don’t want none



My therapist just told me a joke.





So this girl walks up to another girl and says “Hey, have you heard of the Bechdel Test?”

And the other girl says, “Yeah, my boyfriend was telling me about it the other day!”


i don’t get it

I feel like this is an inside joke that I am not getting

Haha, this one required looking up. Go to Wikipedia and learn about the test guys, the joke’s clever. :P


The thrilling sequel to my mom’s Smash Bros. antics has arrived! This time around my 81 year old grandma takes a shot at trying to name the entire Super Smash Bros. 4 roster, and unfortunately she also mistakes Wii Fit Trainer for Elvis. For all the references she makes more relevant to her generation I also added a side image for reference. I hope everyone enjoys this just as much (if not more) than my mom’s.

Oh I forgot to mention the most important thing that happened to me today.

I left the physics building for lunch, and right outside the door was a wild cat. A very friendly wild cat. He followed me around meowing; I petted him a lot, and he purred loudly. When I came back with my lunch, I gave him a piece of chicken.

He was a very sweet cat. ^-^


"God" is not exactly an explanation for the unexplained.

"Yeah, this being that can do anything did it."

Oh wow thanks that clears everything up.


What is the Big Rip?

"If dark energy is only a constant, than things like our Solar System, our galaxy, and even our local group of galaxies — consisting of the Milky Way, Andromeda, the Triangulum Galaxy, the Magellanic Clouds and a few dozen small, dwarf galaxies — will remain gravitationally bound together for trillions upon trillions of years into the future. But if dark energy is increasing, or getting stronger over time, then that acceleration rate will not only drive distant galaxies away from us, but will cause these structures to become gravitationally unbound as time goes on!"

Now that dark energy is firmly in place as the dominant source of energy in the Universe, the race is on to figure out exactly what its properties are, and what that will mean for the Universe’s fate. If it’s truly a cosmological constant, we’re in for a Big Freeze, as galaxies expand away from one another faster and faster, leaving only our gravitationally-bound local group behind. But if dark energy changes over time, we might yet see a Big Crunch or the most horrifying of all fates: a Big Rip, where galaxy-by-galaxy, star-by-star and eventually atom-by-atom, everything is torn apart!

In my summer research, we proved (that is, mathematically proved) that given a sufficient number of conformally-coupled quantum fields, the Big Rip singularity cannot be reached. We hope to publish this finding this fall.


Silence is not something that needs to be filled.

I’m struggling to find an appropriate balance to things lately. Finances, homework, diabetes control, hygiene and cleanliness, social activities, tutoring and work, interpersonal relationships with family, friends, online and more… I made poor decisions this weekend.

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What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.


What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.


Poe’s Law: That moment when a Fox Business commentator sounds just like a Disney villain.

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In Spanish, if you say “Amo a mi papa” it translates roughly to “I love (as family) my potato” because you forgot an accent mark, and I think that’s beautiful